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The Ocean is Our Way of Life

Hello There, 

Head Guide of Moz Islands & Safaris.

I was born and raised in Tofo and now live in the beautiful beach town of Vilanculos. I grew up in Mozambique, the country I love.

I started out by working at the big hotels to learn about hospitality before opening my own travel business. From there I started running trips around Vilanculos and created Vilanculos Red Dunes. I expanded by guiding multiple local activities starting with local tours to island excursions. I enjoy taking tourists to explore Mozambique using off-roading trucks, 4x4’s, Tuk Tuk’s, speedboats, and dhows.  

I am passionate about supporting community development in Mozambique, and believe tourism is the best opportunity we have to provide sustainable growth through creating jobs and giving opportunities to local people. I will take you to try the best local foods, entertainment, resorts, and activities.

This venture is one where we aspire to deliver the very best, most memorable experiences for our clients. We’ll show you the real Mozambique that the international tour operators miss due to lack of local knowledge, and one which benefits the local communities too. As we are from Inhambane, we are also proud to be able to give you the best value by accessing local prices, and will take you to the markets we shop at, restaurants we eat at and if you like, the beach parties we go to!    

I develop and curated this range of tours to share my beautiful homeland of Inhambane, including Tofo, Vilanculos, and the Archipelago and our national parks. I am excited to help local people as I introduce more international travelers to our area.

We respect our community’s workers, business owners, and environment. We want to sustain our growing tourism industry, that is why we pay our employees fair wages, tips, and spend money in the villages to support local wages and locally managed tourism. We also try our best to use renewable resources and materials to keep our beaches pristine and our marine life healthy. You’ll get to see clearly through the Indian Ocean waters, while diving into Mozambican culture.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Meet Our Staff

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Red Dunes guide

Ercilio is a young dreamer, who works for Baobab Beach Backpackers Hotel. He is one of our guides in the Red Dunes with lots of knowledge about the real history of the Arab events. Through stories from his ancestors who were owners of the area, Xipirivirini (Red Dunes).




Head guide

Nélio is a young entrepreneur,  who has guided for years and has lots of experience in the field of tourism. Born in Tofo and resident in Vilanculos, he is the founder of the off-roading Red Dunes tours. He spends his time helping the community, children, schools, and local businesses in need. 



Llewellyn is a young and smiling dreamer, Do not miss the opportunity to meet him. Born in South Africa and living in Vilanculos, he is a university student and worker at Casa Chibububo Lodge, He is a tourist guide in the duns and islands. In his free time he helps the orphaned children and the community most in need. 

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